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SGA Consulting

SGA Consulting service is an innovative, fully automatic service providing trading recommendations for opening / closing positions in financial markets in order to earn profit for the customers.

SGA Consulting service is founded on the basis of the twenty-year trading experience of professional traders and neural technologies.

The creation of the SGA Consulting service began in 2014. In 2017 residents of Russia became acquainted with the service by performing transactions at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange.

Service innovations are determined by the following factors:

The mechanism of profit earning by a client. A customer should only strictly follow the trading recommendations.

Minimum requirements to become a SGA client. A client doesn’t need to have any knowledge of trade in the financial markets, any skills or experience. There is no dependence on sex, age, working profession, education or other factors. To become a SGA client and use the service to its fullest it is only necessary to have extra money and a mobile phone. The number of international stock markets dealing with the SGA Consulting service will reach 25.

Minimum time required for work. Only a few minutes in total are required to open and close positions on financial markets according to the received trading recommendations.

Profitability. Lack of options to earn similar profit on the ratio of yield /required resources and time.

Minimal risk. The service is fully automatic in on-line mode and it analyzes the state of affairs in financial markets and open positions for customers every minute. Complete absence of the human factor. Deep and detailed real-time tests on the service, as well as on the historical data of financial markets, especially during a period of significant fluctuations on various traded instruments were carried out.

Use of block chain technologies in the service.

  • Personal cabinet

    SGA Consulting service has a convenient personal cabinet where the client can get information about trading recommendations, make a subscribing, make online payments of SGA service commissions and also get news about our service.

  • Tariffs

    Everyone has an opportunity to try SGA Consulting service for free of charge. We have Demo period which includes 7 trading recommendations for open and close positions. Also we have special offer for our VIP clients.

  • Portfolio

    For the convenience of our clients has been created the “Portfolio” section, where the client can analyze the financial results of his opened and closed positions in real time.

  • Trading recommendations

    All trading recommendations are provided in the most convenient form, so that the client can understand them without having professional knowledge. All that the client need to do is to call the broker and transmit information from the text of trade recommendation.

Today the SGA Consulting project has implemented:
Automatic system of minutely on-line analysis and monitoring of the situation in financial markets.
Project website
On-line payment for SGA Consulting service packages (according to tariffs) through the payment cards of international payment systems. At the moment the service is free of charge.
A service mobile application was created and it’s available for download.
The client's personal account with subscription registration for existing service packages.
By December 1, 2017, SGA Consulting was already used by more than 1,400 clients from Russia and CIS countries.
Automatic generation and distribution of trade recommendations (sms, personal account and mobile application) SGA Consulting for transactions concerning the stocks of Russian companies on the Russian stock exchange MICEX and the equities of leading US companies from S&P500 index.
A mobile application providing online recommendations for the implementation of operations with more than 50 crypto currency pairs has been created and it’s available for download.

Andrey Slesarenko

Project Founder

Marina Kardakova

Finance Director

Alexander Kiselev

Chief Technology Officer

Sergey Golovanov

Main Business Developer

Escrow agent

George Erman


Independent consultant, blockchain revolutionary, experienced sales and marketing specialist. Specialization in project management, web and international marketing.

George is an active crypto-currency entrepreneur with extensive experience in the market of blockchain-technologies. Worked with more than a hundred companies as a marketing strategy consultant.

The team of SGA Consulting includes 29 people. It includes 7 professional traders with many years of trading experience, 14 highly qualified technical specialists, and a top management team consisting of 8 people.

How to invest

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Set the value of the Gas Limit 200,000

Send ETH 0x388de86608ac853ba9c33eff9909254ad2b58a44

Add 0x6c0b128a2ceA22462dd8C2A1CA38E9b8cda0511F as a new token code SGA

Do not send funds from exchange offices, for example, Coinbase, Poloniex, etc.

The SGA will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the received ETH


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